CDS Logo

The logo or company seal is taken from our family's ancestral grandfather's war shield. Chief Ocanostota served the Cherokee Tribe as War Chief in the 1700's. He fought for sovereignty of the Nation and for the original lands of the Cherokee People. That sovereignty continues today. The variation of the shield entails two simple vertical marks that create the C and the D within the S. The outer rings represent the history of our family: Red, the original 'Real People'; Blue, the suffering and losses of our ancestors' land, rights and freedoms; Black, the death of our grandparents, aunts and uncles on the Trail of Tears; White, the spiritual awakening and renewal in Christ; Red inner ring represents the return to our heritage. The seven outer marks represent the seven clans of the Cherokee; the seven-sided council house; the seven types of wood for the sacred fire and the seven directions: North, East, South, West, Up, Down,

... and Where I stand Now.


Chief Oconostota
Portrait of Cherokee Chief Oconostota
by Francis Parsons 1762
Chief Oconostota Shield
Original War Shield of Chief Oconostota
from which CDS logo was inspired